UVdesk - How to use Swift Mailer

Steps to use Swift Mailer :

  1. Login to your UVdesk Support Panel.
  2. On the Dashboard, you will see "SETTINGS" menu and under it, you will find "Swift Mailer".

  3. Now, just click on “Swift Mailer” and hit on “Create Configuration” button.


  1. Swift Mailer Id: Enter mailer Id name which will further use while creating mailbox.
  2. Transport Type: Name of transport method used to deliver email e.g, SMTP (for Yahoo, GMail, Outlook)
  3. Enable Delivery: Click on check box to enable swift mailer.
  4. Server: SMTP server used for outgoing mails e.g, (Yahoo:, GMail:, Outlook:
  5. Email: Here you need to enter your support email Id which you want to configure with UVdesk.
  6. Password: Enter the password same as created app password.
  7. Port: The SMTP port of your server e.g, 465 (for Yahoo, GMail, Outlook)
  8. Encryption Mode: Select encryption mode as SSL, TLS or None as required from the drop down as required.
  9. Authentication Mode: Select authentication mode as Login, Plain or Cram-MD5 from the drop down.
  10. Sender Address: All email will be delivered with this address as the “return path” address, which is where bounced email should go.
  11. Delivery Address: All email messages will be sent to this address instead of being sent to their actual recipients