UVdesk - Dockerize helpdesk project

You can also dockerize your helpdesk project to easily deploy your setup from within a docker container.

To build an image, simply switch to your project's directory and run the following command:

$ docker build -t {IMAGE_NAME} .

Upon successfull execution, this will create a docker image with the specified tag using the -t option. You can use this image to deploy your helpdesk project using either:

docker run or docker-compose.

Deploying Containers

Containers can be launched using one of the two given methods:

Using Docker Run

You can simply launch a standalone container using the following command:

Using Docker Compose

Create a configuration file docker-compose.yaml and set it's configuration details as follows:

Once you've created the configuration file, deploy your containers as services using the following command:

$ docker-compose up -d -f {PATH_TO_DOCKER_FILE}


  1. IMAGE_NAME: Name of the image to being build
  2. CONTAINER_NAME: Name of the created container
  3. AVAILABLE_PORT: Map port 80 (apache) within the container to an available port on your host
  4. MYSQL_USER: MySQL user name
  5. MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: MySQL root user password
  6. MYSQL_PASSWORD: MySQL user password
  7. MYSQL_DATABASE: MySQL database name