UVdesk - How to use MailBox

What Is Mailbox?

Mailbox feature allows e-mails which are sent to any specific e-mail address to be automatically imported to the support ticket system as a ticket. Now, the owner or the agent can work on that ticket and resolve the issue of the customer.

Here I am drafting out few configuration steps to automatically convert your emails into the support ticket in the UVdesk.

Steps to use MailBox :

  1. Login to your UVdesk Support Panel.
  2. On the Dashboard, you will see "SETTINGS" menu and under it, you will find "Mailbox".

  3. Now, just click on “New Mailbox” button.

  4. Need to fill out all below details and proceed with by clicking “Proceed” button.


  1. Mailbox Id: Enter the name of mailbox or leave it blank it will automatically be generated.
  2. Sender Name: Enter the correspondents name.
  3. Swiftmailer Id: Select the swiftmailer id from the drop down.
  4. IMAP Host: Every email service has unique IMAP HOST like:
    Gmail - {}INBOX,
    Yahoo - {}INBOX,
    Outlook - {}INBOX
  5. IMAP Email: Put email address of IMAP(incoming mail server).
  6. IMAP Password: Enter your app password.