System Requirements - Mac

Hardware Requirements:

  1. Processor: 1.60GHz or higher
  2. RAM: 3GB or higher

Software Requirements:

Composer Installation:

Instruction Link -

Using the above link you will find command to install composer on Mac.

PHP Installation:

In Mac, PHP automatically comes with MAMP even you can download it according to your requirements of PHP Version and also can switch PHP versions easily.

Mailparse Installation:

Install Mailparse Extension in Mac using below structured command:


pecl install mailparse

After successful execution of the command, you need to add "" in php.ini file of the PHP version you are using.

Note:-Sometimes you will not get pre-installed pecl in MAC so in that case you need to install pecl first following the link given below:

Instruction Link -

Imap Installation:

MAMP comes with pre-installed IMAP Extension, you just need to uncomment the IMAP Extension from php.ini file of PHP version which you are using, it will reflect/work after restarting apache services.

Helpful links:

PHP IMAP & PHP Mailparse for Ubuntu, Windows, Centos, Mac.